Eternity’s ONLY KING !

Please know that the Cross was made up of more than 2 beams. There is a 3rd piece of wood. Just like Jesus was nailed to the Cross, a small sign was nailed to His Cross above His head.

The Sign is there to remind each of us not just that He is the King of the Jews, but that He is the KING of everyone that knows who He is and worships HIM in Spirit and in TRUTH.

Everyone who believes He is who He says HE IS, now can enter the HOLY of HOLIES through the Blood of the LAMB and enter the Throne Room of El Gibbor…The Mighty GOD.

If you are a Born Again Christian then you are one of the ELECT. If you are a Born Again Jew then your are one of the CHOSEN. His Kingdom will be made up of Born Again Jews and Born Again Christians. Jesus is not a possession of any people group. He belongs to everyone that takes the time to SEEK HIM and then calls on HIS Name.

Everyone, who listens with their hearts will hear HIM.

Jesus does not shout, He whispers your name. His voice is carried by the Wind of the Holy Spirit.

The Cross of Christ is anchored deep in Judean soil in Jerusalem. Jerusalem is NOT the city of the Jews. Jerusalem belongs to GOD alone and no one else. Jerusalem is and will be the Center of GOD’s Universe; because HE will live there with us.

Jerusalem is GODS HOLY CITY and soon Jesus will come again to reclaim it forever!


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