The Silent Cries of those Beneath Our Feet

It’s quiet and still. The sky is filled with stars and the sun has gone to sleep. The moon is full and bright in the sky as it continues to fulfill its purpose since time began. Its calling is to reflect the light of the Sun…so we would have light in the darkness.

As I stand outside my cabin, looking out at the Ocean all I can hear is the quiet lapping of water alongside the ship. The light reflects a path along the water inviting me to step out onto the water and follow its path to the moon.

It’s tempting because the water looks like slate. My eyes and heart say step out…it looks solid. But my mind knows better. It’s an alluring illusion, inviting me to follow the lights reflection along the path that will lead me to my death.

Every path begins with a choice, I could step out onto the water, but that would be the wrong choice and I would be no more. Just as the light of the moon is an illusion, so too is the Angel of Light…Lucifer. Lucifer is the one whom the Bible calls the God of this present world.

He comes to each of us disguised as an angel of light but with a message of darkness. Darkness so thick, so addicting, so enveloping you can actually taste it as you drink deeply within the womb of sin.

We can easily live our lives within his womb connected to his umbilical cord receiving our daily sustenance. We live that life devoid of truth and compassion focused only on ourselves; never able to forgive or to be forgiven.

Being out here at night looking out over the vast body of water brings to mind the historical account we have recorded by God in the Bible of the Lost World. The Lost World followed the reflection of Lucifer’s light rather than the true light of God. The heavens had never offered rain in that world; instead there were mists that watered the vegetation on the face of the Earth. But the eyes of the people would soon shed tears like rain when God opened the Heavens and broke open the earth to allow water, miles deep, to encase the entire planet….

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