To Touch the Face of God

Part 1 of 2

Of the five senses you were born with, touch, taste, smell, hearing, and sight; which would you consider the most important to you? Which could you live without? How many of them would you need to live your life?

Each attribute allows you to explore the world you live in. Together these five senses are designed to build one upon the other to make you complete and give you a full sensory experience of the world around you.

Through taste, I can enjoy a meal or a cool cup of water in the heat of the day. Through smell I can enjoy a flower or the scent of the wife I love. Through hearing I can enjoy the sounds of nature and the voices of family and friends, and through sight I can enjoy the beauty of the world around me that ONLY GOD could have created.

If I had to choose only one of the five senses to live my life through, it would be touch.

For it is through touch that I can feel love. It is the greatest sense shared between two people. From a newborn baby’s need to be held by its mother to the need of two people to embrace each other through marriage. To an old mans being held by his loving wife as his life comes to an end. From our beginning to our ending it is touch that communicates love and lets us know we are not alone in this world and gives us peace.

Have you ever thought about the fact that God, who is Love, choose to come down to visit with us for a while and clothed Himself in flesh with a body like ours? Why would God do that?

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