How do we recognize them?

What do we feed them?

Christian Lite or the LIGHT of CHRIST?

As a Jewish believer in the Messiah of Israel, Jesus, there are only 2 foundational witnessing principals I want to convey to another person about my faith.

One is that Jesus is the ONLY Savior. This implies that there is a reason to be saved and something to be Saved from. It implies something is wrong with each of us and that Jesus is the ONLY Way…the ONE Way to Salvation.

Two, the Judeo Christian Bible is the ONLY True Authority given by the True God to Mankind. That the Words are the very Words of God passed on to us through Prophets and Apostles. And that this book, the Autobiography of God is made up of only 66 books and is now a Closed Cannon.

Any attempt to add books is a fabrication, a deception both human and demonic. They contradict the Word of God. No additional books have been or can be added.

Gods Words were given to us and we are accountable to them. 95 percent of the words are simple enough for a child to understand. The remainder that causes dissention among us cannot be understood this side of heaven. Rather than fight about its meaning we should be doing what we were told by the Lord…to proclaim His Gospel…which begins with our Repentance at the Cross.

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