Where Can You Find Truth?

TRUTH: is acknowledging the answer Jesus gave to Pilates question “what is truth?” Jesus said…”For this I have been born and for this I have come into the world, to bear witness to the TRUTH, everyone who is of the TRUTH hears my voice.”

T The Word of God is made up of Testimonies of eyewitnesses both here on Earth and those Prophets who have been allowed to see into Heaven itself.

R The Word of God is Real documented History. It is verifiable by Archeology, Science and Pre-written History called PROPHECY.

U The Word of God will Uplift your Spirit because you believe in The ONE True God; who chose to communicate with you through His Autobiography.

T The Word of God will Test you to prove your faith is real. We are all called to evaluate ourselves by HIS Word to see if the Truth is IN Us.

H The Word of God proclaims only ONE WAY to be SAVED and get into Heaven. The Word of God condemns all who do not accept its Truth to a place apart from God, a destination other than Heaven.

Reflections: On Hope, Faith and Truth:
As True believers who belong to The ONE True Church of Christ and have studied the Bible and plumbed the depths of the Mind and Heart of God; we have True HOPE. Why, because it is sustained by FAITH and stands on the rock foundation of the TRUTH.

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