Good News from the Grave Yard


“The King is Dead; long live the King.”

With those words, many a monarch has passed from the scene, only to be succeeded by another. But in the case of Christ, the King of the Jews, the phrase takes on added significance.

Never before had a king died only to succeed himself to the throne.
But Christ did

Never before had a man been crucified and buried only to emerge bodily three days later.
But Christ did

Never before had a man endured such human hatred in order to demonstrate such divine love.
But the Son of Man did

No other event in human history could be so aptly described as “old, yet ever new.”

No other single piece of good news has brought more comfort, more encouragement, and more peace to more people than the ringing declaration…

“HE is RISEN!”

If we are not sharing the gospel with others then we have not heard it ourselves!

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