The themes of every Christmas tree before this one was always about family. Family was the focus of Christmas. And that’s ok to a point. Jesus was never the focus of the ornaments, or the star on top of the tree or the gifts underneath the tree Christmas morning. Everything focused on the family.

How could I as a believer in Christ decorate 29 Christmas trees, year after year and miss the whole point of sharing Gods greatest gift of all to my family, friends and neighbors within my own home. It is sad to me now as I think about it, that I never took the time to tell the story for 29 years.

This little Christmas tree we have is made from Silver Tinsel. There is a Silver Star at its top. The tree lights are all white and they glow intensely in the dark. The tree is 2 1⁄2 feet tall and it sits on a table in front of the window.

It is very small but this Christmas tree is special and precious to me. This is the very first Christmas tree I have owned that when you look at it…you only see Christ.

The tree is small like Jesus was when He came down from heaven to be born of a virgin at the Incarnation. Can you believe that God miraculously entered the womb of a Jewish virgin named Miriam as prophesied back in Genesis? That God became a Holy Embryo so He could be born and grow up to become the God/man, the Messiah of the Old Testament and later the Christ of the Cross.

Do you understand that His only purpose in doing that was to save you from yourself? That He came to die in your place so that you would have eternal life and not die the second time.

There were no gifts given at His Birth, except God’s gift of His Son to you personally. The gifts given by the Magi came two years later. This little Christmas tree was a surprise gift to us last year. It also represents the gift that Christ gives to you…the gift of His Light.

The Word of God says that Jesus is the light of the world and that at HIS First coming, the world living in darkness has seen a GREAT LIGHT.

I opened the door wall to the balcony and stepped out into the cold darkness of the winter night. I began shivering in the night air.

The reality of the fact that I had yet to fulfill my purpose here on earth burdened my heart. But the assurance that I would some day stand in the warmth, the light and the love of Christ gave me comfort.

For now I must persevere through whatever comes. But I felt at peace remembering His promise to me personally to never leave me or forsake me.

The two of us together would face any storms, any trials, and any temptations of life that would come my way.

I remained on the balcony staring up at the star filled heavens. I am still cold and the words of my prayers come alive before me as they take shape from the breath of my mouth and rise up into the cold night air as an offering before God.

Then for a brief moment a warm gentle wind swirls around me and I hear His voice as He whispers to me…

Perhaps Today…….. Trust Me !

pdfNo Cross No Christmas

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