The Forgotten Harvest


I have many family members and friends that are close to my age of 66. Some are younger and many are older.

The fact is that every year I live— the more those that can be called the ancient of days pass on into Eternity. I struggle greatly inside myself, knowing that so many that I love and care about do not understand what I am about to say.

My heart is filled with tears for the lost that do not understand they need a SAVIOR. All of them would say… what do I need to be saved from?

That is a great question and it has an answer rooted in Archeology, History, and Science. But most of all in Prophecy! Prophecy is the rock foundation upon which our faith stands in the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD revealed in HOLY SCRIPTURE.

Most people have never in their lives taken the time to explore that question and its answer. And each of them will ultimately stand before the one who has asked on earth already and will ask them individually the question that must be answered first…


They do not know that CHRIST is the answer and that you cannot believe in Heaven unless you also believe in Hell. Because both are real.

God knew you before the foundations of the world were ever made… HE stated that in HIS Word.

If you think about it this way HE knew you before you became a physical entity…. a person within a body.

HE knew you before you were born and HE gave you a key— a key to enter the world through the door of your mother’s womb.

The life you live here is your physical life. You were given a body that started to decay the day you were born. Yet the real you is not the shell you live in but the spirit that is contained within.

God gave you a physical life with the purpose of living it for HIM. This life is ALL about HIM and not about us. We are to live a life pleasing to HIM. Then when we die we are given another key.

You see the one thing we all have in common is our physical birth and then our physical death. But dying is nothing more than opening a new door so we can step into eternity. Eternity is a place that we will spend forever.

God for all of your life, as HE did in mine for 38 years knocked on the door of our heart saying I want to give you a new key. This new key will open the door to HIS HEAVEN and your new life, your real life to come in eternity.

The key is there in HIS hand for you to take yet we spend our lives searching for HIM in all the wrong places; wondering who HE really is?

Know this that HE is there knocking daily on the door of your heart. But the door handle is on your side and you must open the door for HIM to come in.

Satan has done a spectacular job of confusing the entire planet and its populace through all the centuries, by creating false gods everywhere.

BUT, it is ONLY the TRUE GOD that will give us HIS Key to enter HIS heaven and only JESUS offers that key. It comes with a NEW HEART, one that is cleansed for eternity.

You must understand that He died on the CROSS-for you. That His Sacrifice is for your sins. That none of your works are good enough for you to go to heaven.

That we are not righteous no matter what we do on earth. It is not a matter of the standards we have amongst ourselves because it’s the standard of what GOD wants…because HE Alone is HOLY and demands perfection.

Bottom line is that we cannot attain righteousness on our own. HE said that in His word to us in His Holy Bible. As we strive to find God and as we truly seek God, He then will show Himself to us.

But ONLY if you look where He has shown Himself; which is in His One and ONLY Bible made up of the Old and New Testaments. It is the very Words of God, the Autobiography of God where you will find YOU within its pages….if you but take the time to look.

And when you do find yourself there God will then give you the Key of your NEW BIRTH; which can only come through the Blood Soaked Womb of the CROSS of HIS SON JESUS.

That is the only place you can get the key that will unlock the door to your eternity in heaven.

If you die and all you have is the key of your dead heart to take you into eternity…you have an eternal problem. You will stand before a different door. You will use the key you have to open that door.

There before you is a pull chain attached to a light bulb.

You will think because you lived a righteous life here on earth, that when you grab that chain and pull it you will turn on the light; and you will be in heaven forever, with God. …you are wrong!

You are dead wrong because, by not accepting CHRIST and HIS Death for your sins while physically alive…. you have now opened the door to HELL.

So when you reach out before you and pull that chain your not turning on a light, but instead you are turning on the darkness forever.

You cannot turn back and you will be in this place of darkness, utterly alone for eternity. There will be no one else around you. In a very real sense you will be with those you have lived your life with. Because that is what you will do forever, rewind your life in your own mind.

So please look for GOD while you can, while you are alive in a physical body. For this is the only time you will have the opportunity to find HIM. Every day you live on this planet is the day of SALVATION.

GOD loves you, and HE wants you to find HIM. So look for the key to the door of Heaven in the Book of Life that HE wrote just for you.

Don’t become part of the FORGOTTEN HARVEST.


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